Jude's Miracle Cloth

Jude's Miracle Cloth

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Congratulations! Cleaning just became fun.

Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals, and paper towel goodbye. Your Jude's Miracle Cloth will clean better than all of them.

The secret is in the weave: tiny fibres, 100 times finer than human hair, trap and absorb dirt and oil without scratching any surfaces.

Scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces with water alone. Jude's lets you clean without harsh chemicals, keeping your home safe for your children and pets. Absorbs up to 400% its own weight and holds in particles until washed clean.

Jude's Miracle Cloth works great on:

  • windows
  • mirrors
  • stainless steel
  • crystal
  • eyeglasses
  • televisions
  • computer screens
  • all countertops
  • cars and boats


  1. Run your Jude's Miracle Cloth under warm water. Rinsing before the first use helps to avoid possible streaking from manufacturing or packaging residue.
  2. Only use water while cleaning. Simply wet the cloth, wring it out hard, and wipe.
  3. No need to dry your glass or mirrors, as they will dry streak-free on their own.


Machine or hand wash with detergent. Air dry only. Do not use fabric softener.

Made from the finest European microfibre by a proudly Canadian family company.