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Community Comments

Wonderful store for unique and innovative products to help us produce less waste. Everything looks great and is reusable; in some cases the product naturally biodegrades if you bury it when you're finished! I've already used less aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and paper towels thanks to this store. I can't wait to visit and shop again!

Michlerish M.

Such a cute store!! So glad we found it on our walks along St Clair. It’s filled with some amazing local and hand made goods. The store clerk was so nice and friendly and helped us out. We ended up grabbing a couple of things, stepping out to make our brunch reservations. But, came back after to take a better look and go over more stuff they had. Highly recommend this store for all your eco friendly needs!

Pooja P. K.

Since the day it opened in its first location on Vaughan Rd, Ecoexistence has been such a fixture in the community. I always pop in when I’m walking along St. Clair... even if I don’t need anything. The staff are always warm, and the service is always helpful. I love having this wonderful shop in the neighborhood!!!

Jillian E.

Such a unique shop and a wonderful location. I love the socially and environmentally responsible nature of this store and it's employees. They are are all very knowledgeable and helpful.

Rina C.

This is such a lovely store to have on St. Clair. A great go to if I am looking for a gift and great Co friendly options for the house. They also have the best kitchen cloths I have ever used in my life. I got them for Christmas one year and thought, “What? You’re giving me dish cloths?” Now, I think they were the best gift ever. You can also refill some soaps here which is something we certainly need more of in Toronto.

Rachel M.

The owner is extremely knowledgeable and wonderfully kind. The products are well researched and of high quality. Ecoexistence is a great store

Becky V.

I love everything about this store! The carefully curated products, the extremely helpful staff, the unique gifts that you will not find anywhere else. Every time I go, there is something that catches my eye. Great for eco- friendly baby gifts and back to school supplies to!

Natalie S.

A pioneer in local environmental activism, ecoexistence is a staple of the neighbourhood. The owner is a visionary, and her passion shines through in her store and her staff. It's the go-to stop for all my home needs.

Alexa V.

Only place in the city that carries the mineral makeup brand I use - all the way from BC I think! Big fan :) oh and the staff is very friendly too

Miranda C.